Every couple of months, Orenda Change will launch a NEW collection, along with a NEW set of organizations for you to donate to with your purchase. These organizations will always be relevant to the current socioeconomic and political environment. That way, Orenda Change will consistently provide a platform for you to both create necessary change AND be the future leader that you are.

For all orders, 25% of profits will be donated.

The suffering of Palestine is heard by no one. The division between Israel and Palestine is not an equal fight, as Israel is armed and supported by the West. With heavy militarization, Israel is effectively displacing thousands of Palestinians daily. Palestinians thus have limited access to necessary education, quality healthcare, safe environments, and more. Their lives as refugees are under constant attack, and peace is difficult to find.

By purchasing an Orenda Change product, you can help bring Palestine one step closer to finding peace and acquiring justice. Don’t let the suffering of Palestine go unheard.

Children, no matter where they are from or where they live, have the right to grow up in a safe environment, have access to healthy meals, and consistent education. Children all around the world lack access to these basic necessities, and are rarely acknowledged by big news media outlets. As a privileged population, it is our duty to fight for these kids’ futures. Who else will ensure they are healthy, educated, and safe?


With your Orenda Purchase, you have the power to change words into actions. You may unknowingly help a child gain access to a meal, or access to education. We urge you to take that step and inspire change.

Muslims in China have been facing religious discrimination for decades. These Uighur Muslims, a Turkic- speaking ethnic group in China’s Xinjiang province, have been facing persecution for wearing headscarves, growing long beards, celebrating religious holidays, and more. In 2017, China officially recognized ‘“reeducation camps” as centers to eliminate ‘extremism’. Currently, there are over a million Uighur Muslims being detained in these camps. As prisoners, Uighurs have to face sexual abuse, family separation, forced consumption of pork and alcohol, torture, forced abortion and sterilization, and more. What’s worse is that though the United Nations has addressed these concerns (and done nothing more). 


With your Orenda purchase, you can directly aid in supporting the Save Uighur Campaign. In this campaign, your purchase will help inform Muslims and other faiths to learn about the cultural genocide.

Protecting the environment has never been so important. Because of our poor treatment of the Earth, we are now on track to have more storms, heatwaves, droughts, diseases, food shortages, and more. Climate change is not a political issue-- it is a state of being our planet has come to. If we don’t try and stop the destruction of our home, our home has the power to kick us out.


By purchasing from Orenda Change, you have the ability to take part in an international movement to bring our Earth down to a normal temperature. In the face of Global Warming, it may seem that your donation is small in comparison, but we assure you, it is quite the opposite.