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As Simple As Buying A T-Shirt


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Co-founders Zara Kabir and Francisca Li wanted to create a business that was grounded in the idea of spreading awareness through fashion. As sophomores at the University of Texas at Dallas, Zara and Francisca saw firsthand how impactful protests, fundraising events, and volunteering was in educating people about issues that mattered. 

Thus, Orenda Change was born. Coming from an Iroquois Indian word that describes the spiritual force that empowers us to affect the world, Orenda would become a platform that advocated community and worldly awareness with a twist. With designs handcrafted by Zara and Francisca, the co-founders wanted to make the concept of making an impact in the world simple. 

As simple as buying a t-shirt. 


By putting their minds together, Zara and Francisca created a business that had a built-in donation in which customers were free to choose which organization they wanted to donate to. This set of organizations would change with each collection, to be more relevant and impactful with what was going on in the world. 


Zara and Francisca hope that Orenda Change spurs customers into thinking about how they can change the world, and that no matter how big or small, everybody has a voice. 

Are you ready to inspire change?